Our Strength

Collecting back what others own from you. NO COLLECTION NO PAY, that is Our Deal to you! On success basis, our commission percentage is negotiable. It ranges between 18 to 40 percent, depending on the age of the debt.

Debt Management System

We fully operate utilizing a state of the arts debt management system. The software is user friendly and has enabled our collectors do daily follow-ups your debtors by letter of demand, telephone, sms or even field visit to debtors’ work place or home. The system is also capable of generating reports to you on regular basis.


With our Debt Management System, your data are backed up and stored securely in cloud server. Security is enhanced by Firewall Protection and theft alarms, Redundancy technology, SSL Encryption security and our Server Roomcan only be access using Bio-metric (fingerprint), and protected with 24/7 CCTV & Alarms.

Field Visit

When we find your client, it is up to you to on how you want to deal with them or collecting debt from them. In this case, we do provide field visit where we will meet your client regarding the debt they own you. For required cases, we will send our field team to followup with debtors to their homes or workplaces. Our field team will carry out their duty with ethics and in accordance to the law, when negotiating face-to-face with debtors.

Skip Tracing

We have an extensive network that assist us in skip tracing in locating debtors. This has helped us in achieving high collection rates.